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Today I wanted to discuss with you some tips and secrets to make a room cocooning adolescent. Since I noticed that it is an era that we often overlook in the world of decoration. Indeed, the majority of the time we concentrate on kids and grownups. And we move from a really childish decoration into, suddenly, something more older, without worrying too much about the time that there is involving.

It's been a few years since I passed this period. But in hindsight, I think I'd have enjoyed to be advised to turn my little girl's room into a teenage room.

Few aesthetics embody the best parts of hygge--everyone's favorite trendy way to find comfy --compared to bohemian decor. The breezy, maximalist aesthetic gives us all an excuse to take advantage of color, to get creative when combining printed textiles and also to stock up on all kinds of lovely trinkets that do little else than make us joyful.