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Beautiful Fireplace Ideas With Bookshelf Ideas


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In this modern time, fireplace is not merely about warming our entire body or lighting design. The raise of this design places fireplace into the important part of modern housing and it could be combined with a different design.

Entering the very first design, classical fireplace design that is well built with big stone material appears really lovely with iron bookshelf. It makes you easier to find the book to read if you spent your own time in your room.

Proceed to the next one, you’ll have a modern fireplace design with black glass cover kit. Place it in with half-part concealed in your wallsocket. For your bookshelf design, wall bookshelf from wooden stuff seem so match to be together with your modern fireplace notion in your modern room. With it, you may give the brownish color finishing or it is also beautiful to allow it be in its original color. Even you may place more than 1 bookshelf in the sides of your fireplace and you can use it to display your group.

In another style, minimalist-contemporary fireplace could be combined with your easy bookshelf design. What you only have to do is built one meter tall fireplace kit design then allow the upper side for a bookshelf design. In doing this alternate design, you can minimize your room usage and additionally the budgeting itself. The wallpaper is beneficial to generate a colorful nuance on your fireplace-bookshelf design in your very own modern family room idea.

Well, let us think what you ought to do with your room?

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