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Awesome Green Bathroom Design Ideas


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Green is ideal to the bathroom interior. Shades of green evoke the associations with spring or summertime, with refreshing morning and green leaves, and the combination of shades can provide your bathroom a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom is most often connected to the location where you are able to take a bath and relax after a hard work day. Therefore, serene tones are great to make the ideal atmosphere, for example, an assortment of green color shades.

Green bathroom ideas may become a sign of natural power and positive emotions. This color affects the nervous system in a really positive way and even helps to relieve stress.

We use the term”green” for many shades of this color — lime, olive, emerald green, khaki, pale green, sea green, avocado green, orange green and many other — this list is extremely long. So you can select anything for your bathroom interior: to use lime green bathroom ideas or light green bathroom ideas, to make dark green bathroom, mint green bathroom or sage green bathroom, seafoam green bathroom or olive green bathroom — depending upon the shade you like the most.

Such a huge array of shades for green bathrooms enables combining several colors to make an interior of your dreams. Moreover, don’t stop at the same shade, select few, and they will go perfectly not just among themselves but also with other colors, giving your bathroom a new appearance.

The classic combination which is often found in the interior is a combination of green and white tones. This option is perfect for the green bathroom design, especially if you plan to install sanitary ware and furniture in white. If the walls are in white, they will look nice contrasting with green bathroom tiles.

In general, green color easily combined with different colors, so green bathroom decor may seem warmer or colder, depending on the color it is combined with. Due to it, this color may be used for any design you might choose.

If the walls are completely covered with green tiles for bathroom, use bright colored furniture to add contrasting accents.
Using green color as the core you are able to create different styles depending upon your preferences and dreams. Natural style is the initial coming to mind. All you will need is combination of natural substances and any shade of green.

In addition, green is perfect for creating a tropical setting. Utilize a combination of green using different shades of light yellow.
If you tend to the Oriental theme, use jade, olive and emerald shades. In combination with yellowish or golden color it’s possible to create a look of Asian luxury and wealth. Accessories in gold or bronze decorated with rhinestones will absolutely complete the selected stylistic direction.

Pale green color reminds of spring and boosts your spirits. Floral and plant reasons will emphasize spring notes in your bathroom.

Should you would rather place green tiles in the bathroom, you ought to pick white sanitary equipment. Normally, white sanitary ware is not uncommon and will not take you much time to find. When choosing a shower cubicle, it is ideal to opt for glass and translucent — this option is ideal to fit in a green bathroom. If you want to try unusual decorating ideas, look for green sanitary ware. A green bath, for instance, will bring original look to your bathroom.

For those walls it is possible to choose green tiles for bathroom or mosaics of this color. In addition, you can use tiled wall panels, vinyl wallpapers or just a combination of different materials. Additionally, you may make just one green wall, and paint others in white or other neutral shade.

For the floor you can use floor tiles which may be glossy or matte, or any other flooring that is made for high humidity in the bathroom. Another fantastic choice for the bathroom floor may be green marble.


To create green shades look right when the light is on, use the lightening specter as close to the natural as possible. Besides using natural sunlight when you have a window in your bathroom, you can install spotlights on the ceiling and place additional lights by the sink if necessary.


Do not overload your bathroom with additional furniture, it is enough to make a list of necessary items, such as a vanity or a couple of shelves for cosmetics, towels drier, laundry baskets and clothes hangers. Green furniture on a light background appears very eye-catchingly. It brings freshness to the interior and makes it special.

Green is quite versatile and can help you to create an interesting green bathroom design even if you decorated the room with neutral colors. In this case, accessories in green are extremely useful, such as curtains, towels, rugs, toothbrush holders and so on.

To decorate your interior with green you may also utilize any flowers. Try to place a vase with a bouquet on the floor or even a small one near the sink, or perhaps install a plate with plants in baskets. Any crops will organically fit into a natural interior and will feel great in a warm and humid bathroom


Should you choose to make a green bathroom, restrict the use of metal accessories. Their large number may destroy the freshness of green shades. To visually expand the room green ought to be combined with light colors, and it’s best to forget about dark ones that narrow the space. If you’ve got light flooring, a fantastic solution for you would be putting on the floor green rugs matching the walls color.

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